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25 Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Ever


under the wiper blades. this is hilarious!

Hate when that happens... need to do this when we get some snow!

I totally leave notes on car windows like this when it is really deserved, but this is a whole new level. Muahaha.

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Teachers Who Got the Last Laugh

25 Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Ever

I present, the beard hat (also known as the beardo). $39.99

Great for people who don't like to say "sorry!"

"A hilarious little story about morning sex" hahahaha mot a quote but i find this hilarious ha ha

hhahahahah people who cook worst than you

stupid jokes that are hilarious

The 35 Dumbest Things Ever Said On The Internet! So ridiculous and hilarious.

LOL! Sucks to be him.

OMG!! The New Way To Cook Campfire Food!! Lol. Roasting marshmallows and hotdogs or sausages

Hide your beer LOL Drinking in public places. Someone got brilliant. Just put ice around the edges of this cup (mini ice chest)

these are hilarious

Hilarious :D