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I've always doesn't get better, it gets different!:/

I feel in agreement with all but the last paragraph. I don't want it to ever leave me.

It broke my heart into more pieces than my heart was made of. It still does....It always will....

I'm getting through, I have no choice but to. Doesn't mean it's easy and yes I have endless questions and thoughts....

Don't allow others to rush you through your Grief. You have a lifetime to heal and it's a lifelong journey. Travel at your own speed.

Learning to dance with a limp... ♡My beautiful daughter, Jennifer Jane Metcalfe ~ 11/6/85-02/08/10 ~ Loved and missed, always and forever♡

Life does go on for everyone around you. But your true friends don't abandon you in your corner of grief. Thank you, dear friends.

It's been 53 days since I've heard my Mom's sweet voice (that's the longest I've ever gone without talking to her), yet people think it's time that I "just accept that she is gone and move on with my life." Grief isn't about acceptance. It's about missing the person you love.

Grief... 6 1/2 years later and there are still days when it all comes back. I've been strong, now is time to be "weak" and work on the issues I've buried within.

Very accurate. When you lose someone extremely close to you, it's not something you EVER get over. You just accept that you will always miss them and your heart will always be a little empty.

This quote expresses exactly what and who I am. A year and a half and the hurting is still so strong, so consuming.