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Mobile Technology in HealthCare - The following infographic from healthcare solutions firm Healthx highlights the change that smartphones and tablets have had on the health industry. Results show that there will be 44 million m-health app downloads by the end of 2012, which will rise to 142 million by 2016.

The Value of Real-Time Patient Data From the Home - Increasingly, real-time data generated from a patient’s home is becoming an integral part of the telehealth revolution. As Americans spend more time at home than in the hospital or doctor’s office, a shift towards using technology within a home-based, care-management model optimizes quality-of-care and solves systemic financial woes.

Does Your Hospital Stay in Touch With Patients All the Time? - According to a recent study, patients want their doctors to reach out to them proactively even when they aren’t sick. The study revealed that they want their physician to communicate with them to help keep them healthy.

Yes, the serious money is on recycling old, redundant mobile phone handsets. Even the latest Smartphones are being recycled at a rapidly expanding rate of knots. As increasing numbers of consumers change their phones more frequently, an entire industry has sprung up to deal with the increasing ‘mobile phone mountain.’

Using Mobile in HealthCare-To me, using smartphones to manage medical data and impact disease is more than an exciting science fiction story; this technology is reality. As a society, we have embraced smartphone use in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Now is the time for physicians, patients and the government regulatory leaders to act. Lets take advantage of what technology has to offer and provide patients and physicians with the tools they need to expedite care and improve…

Is your #physician "super mobile"? 1 in 4 docs own a tablet + smartphone #hcsm #hcmktg

Orra Health Transcription Software - Orra Health is a digital transcription and a workflow management app from India, meant for US, UK andAustralian physicians. It includes a digital voice recorder, a robust file management system coupled with a highly secure web interface and it is backed by some of the most experienced transcriptionists in the industry.

Have you seen all the latest smart phones that have been released recently? It makes you wonder when it’s ever going to end. The honest answer is, it probably never will. As long as designers and technologists keep inventing new ways to make better products,