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Shapes Freebie

Math Shapes

3D Shapes Chart

Free 3D Shapes

Shapes Measurement

Shapes Easy

3D Shapes Book

Two Dimensional Shapes Anchor Chart

Shapes School

3D shapes

Shapes Teaching

Education Math Shapes

Classroom Shapes

Education Measurement

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Solid Shapes Kindergarten

Teaching Kindergarten

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FREEBIE: Shapes use this in order to teach various shapes This is very useful for teaching shape

Math Geometry

Geometry Anchor Charts

2D Shapes Anchor Chart

Sorting Anchor Chart

3D Shapes Anchor Chart Kindergartens

Compare And Contrast Anchor Chart

Measurement Anchor Chart 2Nd Grade

Geometry Poster

Education Geometry

Such a bright anchor chart! I like that is shows both 2D and 3D shapes on the same chart so kiddos can compare them.

Chart Geometry

Geometry Unit

Shapes Geometry

Geo Shapes

Geometry Poster

Geometry For Kids

Geometry Activity

Geometry Concepts

Geometry Resources

Students fill in the info about faces/vertices/edges together after they explore geometric solid manipulatives in groups. Students have corresponding charts that they fill out as they pass the solids around. Within small groups they count the faces, vertices, and edges. Then they list real world examples of each solid.

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Kinder Shapes

Grade 2 Art

Math Bingo

More 3D Shapes Ideas!

2D And 3D Shapes First Grade

Shape First Grade

Three Dimensional Shapes First Grade

3D Shapes Year 1

Three Shapes

Shapes Second Grade

First Grade Money

Math Centers First Grade

Grade Three

Ship Shape First Grade: 3D Shapes Freebie!

2D Shape Anchor Chart

Audience Anchor Chart

Vertices Anchor Chart

Geometric Shapes Anchor Chart

Two Dimensional Shapes Anchor Chart

Geometry Anchor Chart

Shape Chart

Behavior Anchor Charts

First Grade Anchor Charts

2D Shapes!!

2D And 3D Shapes Anchor Chart

Kdg Shapes

Anchor Charts

3D Geometry Anchor Chart

Teacher Illustrated

Shapes Graphic

Shapes Table

The Teacher

Teacher S Board

3D Shapes Anchor Chart

3D Shapes 1St Grade

Math Shapes

2-D And 3-D Shapes

Math Geometry

Geometry Flip Book

Foldable Geometry

Geometry 3D Shapes

1St Grade Geometry

Math Lapbook

3D shapes Fold and Learn

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Math Formulas

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Electrical Engineering Community's Tools - geometry reference sheet - many more on this site

Math Teaching

In Maths

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Math Fun

3Rd Grade

Math Activities

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Older Math

Geometry Vocabulary reference sheet. Great for math notebook

Teach Geometry

Geometry Hands

Geometry Stuff

Geometry Shapes

Making Geometry

3D Geometric Shapes

Connections Hands

Corkboard Connections

Geometry Concepts

Hands on Geometry! <3

Figure Scavenger

3D Shape Scavenger Hunt

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Geometry Activities For Second Grade

Geometry Solid

Geometry For Second Grade

Hunt Geometry

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Lucky to Be in First!: 10 Pin Math & Show Me Some Lovin'

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Marvelous Math

5 Classrooms

1 pinned said, "This is the most fabulous math website ever!

Shapes Chart

3D Shapes Anchor Charts

3D Shapes Kindergarten Anchor Chart

Shapes Shapes

3D Figures Anchor Chart

3D Shapes Anchor Chart Kindergartens

Two Dimensional Shapes Anchor Chart

Learning 3D Shapes

Solid Figures Kindergarten

3D-Shape Unit: Anchor Chart, math journal prompts, 3D shape pictures of items in that category (make PP), activities.

Stick Geometry

Geometry Angles

Math Geometry

Math Angles

Teaching Geometry

Angles Lesson

Geometry Review

5Th Grade Geometry

Geometry Ideas

Hands-on geometry terms

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3d shapes

Kinder Math Stations

Math Stations Anchor Chart

Math Station Rules

Math Center Rules

Math Centers Chart

Math Center Anchor Chart

Math Workshop Anchor Charts

Centre Math

Reading Stations

I would use this for all group work

Math Shapes Graphing

Math Shapes Solids

Geometry Shapes

Geometry Ideas

Geometry Unit

Paper Shapes

3D Shapes 1St Grade

3D Shapes Lesson

Teaching 3D Shapes

3-D shape attributes lesson OMG - Wonderful. Use clay & they can actually see & pin the vertices.

Geometry Lesson

Geometry Shapes

School Math Geometry

Math School

School Time

Geometry Party

Fall School

Grade Geometry

Math Fun

Edible solid shapes... Great for teaching 3D Shapes