true words.


So true.




Very true.

Expectations. Karmas a B*+*¥ so true, so true

I know I've pinned these lyrics a ton already, but this is for you Paige ♥ I wish you knew how much you were really loved. You are such an amazing person and you're going to be missed a ton. RIP angel ♥ :*

so true

Burning bridges...

True...I'm trying!

So true! We all can change. Doesn't matter what you were or what you did. If you haven't accomplished what you thought you would by now. We all have a past that we can't change but WE can change for the better starting now leading into our future! Go be the person you want to be today!


True friends

wise words by E.H

better not bitter.

be strong

I not sure if if it will ever make perfect sense, but I will trust God and I will still laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, walk in grace, refuse to be a dumping board for other's people's drama/junk, and remind myself that everything in my life is part of God's perfect plan. : )