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wish I could have chickens and fresh eggs - don't think I would be allowed where I live. I do miss my "southern comfort zone!"

Hester. I'm obsessed with photographing color right now. I can't wait until winter is over and all the white is replaced with those beautiful greens and blues!

love the green and rust...chickens cute too...My husband and I dream of living in the country and raising chickens

Usually the best part of my day is gathering the eggs from my 3 backyard hens, so this pic looks esp. sweet to me. I'm also jealous of that really splotchy egg, I'd like to add a hen that produces that to my little flock.

Frizzle Chickens Susan Cabot Theresa Barnes Beth Zimmerman told you.. I want some!!!

I miss sending my little girls outside with their wire baskets to 'search for treasure'. Our hens took great pride in hiding their stash, and as soon as my daughters would find it, the hens would move on to a new hidden nest! It was always a challenge to find the eggs!

Chicken--so it originally said. I think yes, it is a chicken, but it is a hen chicken. ??

Gives me the idea to plant greens for my chicks in a pallet. Maybe plants would grow and their roots would be protected from busy chicken feet stirring up the soil.

why did the chicken get ran over when he tried to cross the road?????? he couldn't see the car coming