Authentic Hungarian Pastries from These are amazing! You would not believe that there are only 3 ingredients in the dough. My Great-Grandma used to make these every Sunday. The dough has a delicate cheese taste and the filling is nice and tart. They also have a BEAUTIFUL presentation! I've never paid attention to how many cookies it makes or how much time it takes so that is a guess. I know it looks like a lot of steps, but it is not hard to do.

Easy Apple Strudel uses a pre-made puff pastry and you tweak it with a few ingredients. You will think it came from one of the finest bakeries.

Hungarian apricot pastries

Hungarian pastry

Hungarian Cake

Apricot Turnovers by theviewfromthegreatisland #Pastry #Apricot

hungarian christmas bread

Saltine cracker toffee recipe... Only 3 ingredients and seriously addicting! Made it tonight the kids loved it-cb

Hungarian Potato

Hungarian Kiffles: Kiffles are delicate Hungarian cookies made from cream cheese pastry wrapped around fruit or nut fillings.

Hungarian túrós táska pastry

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How to do pastry right

Hungarian kifle (pastry) with walnut filling

Hungarian doughnut - my Mother's recipe

Hungarian Strawberry Pastry Bars~ This is a wonderful dessert, though we don't usually use the walnuts this particular recipe calls for.

Vanilla Pear Pastries

Authentic Hungarian Pastries using dried apricots, lots of butter and cream cheese!

Hungarian chimney cakes

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