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I love this now all I need is the model and the makeup artist I have the camera

Beautifully Intricate Tattoo - - Amazing site and an astonishing 30,000 #tattoo designs to choose from and all unique at tattoo-qm50hycs.c...

rainbow - colour shades to inspire art, design or new fused glass goodies at Latch Farm Studios www.latchfarmstud...

"Resloom, the Fabric of Tomorrow", September 1946.

MUFU, patternik beatnik project, photoshop cs4 + pentablet. © Diela Maharanie.

Painting . . . not for some great masterpiece, but just for the fun of playing with the colors!!

Creative Giants - Edwin Binney Though it was Edwin's creative vision to produce crayons as cheap artists' supplies for children, it was Edwin's wife, Alice, who combined two French words to come up with the name "Crayola" - Life after Art

It does not matter what you do to your body to make yourself heard. Your inner truth can always be seen within the depths of your eyes... always.