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    The best part of having the magnet implant was discovering invisible magnetic fields when I wasn’t actually looking. The first experience I had with this was walking through the intersection of Broadway and Bleecker in Manhattan. I passed through this intersection a few times before realizing that my finger would tingle at a certain spot. After paying a bit more attention, I realized that I was feeling something underground.

    biometric implant

    Aerogel, also know as frozen smoke, is the world’s lowest density solid, clocking in at 96% air. If you hold a small piece in your hand, it’s practically impossible to either see or feel, but if you poke it, it’s like styrofoam. It supports up to 4,000 times its own weight and can withstand a direct blast from two pounds of dynamite. It’s also the best insulator in existence.

    The first 7 levels of the human energy field, from the book Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan

    Purple Pain: This bandage developed by German scientists turns purple if the pH is between 6.5 - 8, indicating possible infection. So cool!

    There's just not enough time!

    "she is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future" proverbs 31:25

    That awkward moment when you realize you're kissing your twin...

    white tattoo, awesome feather

    "The Audio Tooth Implant is a radical new concept in personal communication. A miniature audio output device and receiver are implanted into the tooth during routine dental surgery. These offer a form of electronic telepathy as the sound information resonates directly into the consciousness."

    Where T Equals Time Clock, #ModCloth

    A Team Of Students Invent Gloves That Translates Sign Language To Speech

    People on tumblr are amazing. This is totally worth the read, okay? I highly recommend it. Just find time to read this.'s innovative porcelain 3D prints: "One nice benefit of designing in tool paths is the ability to draw a single line that intersects itself."

    ocean theme finger puppets

    Nanoflowers. Richard Taylor. Oregon University. 2011 Use nanocluster deposition to create fractal electrodes, that they call nanoflowers, that should provide better coupling than traditional electronic chips to connect retinal implants between functioning retinal neurons

    What the hell is this animal it was spotted in New Jersey

    The Things A Book From 1969 Predicted Came True - Stand on Zanzibar, pretty amazing