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It's what I do when I'm depressed... or on my period... >.>

Lol im not even having a bad day but ill always watch disney! If there is ever a guy who willingly offers to watch Disney movies with me, then I'll just marry him right then and there.

Whoever said money can't buy you happiness obviously never bought tickets to Disney World

Disney Cruise for my baby sister's graduation from ASU summer I can't wait! It is killing me!

I got 10 out of 10 correct! How Well Do You Know... The Little Mermaid? | Disney Insider

How Well Do You Know... The Little Mermaid

Check out the gallery after the break to see Nicolas Cage as your favorite Disney Princesses. Let’s put Nic Cage’s head on all the Disney things! Head on o


Funny pictures about If Mulan characters had iPhones. Oh, and cool pics about If Mulan characters had iPhones. Also, If Mulan characters had iPhones.

Even though the "true love" she thought she found was the wrong one....she never stopped believing in love.

17 Reasons Why Anna Should Be Your Favorite Disney Princess

FROZEN, the first Disney movie to teach girls that the first man won't always be right.>>>This one is true; so far as I can think right now.>>>>one of the only Disney movies to teach girls that a man doesn't have to save them; they can save themselves.

DisneyBlueFairyShares: Disney (your e cards)

disney addicts live a much happier life! we sing 24 hours a day, hold our pets up to the moon, wear mouse ears on our head and bleed pixie dust! is your life this good?

Me and my husband weekends.

i wanna do this every day of my life.well actually have someone else bake shit for me and watch Disney movies haha

13 Memes Only Disney Fans Will Understand- http://iheartdreaming.com/13-memes-only-disney-fans-will-understand/

This was me last week. I convinced my old she wanted to see the princesses so i could.

Day 21 Favorite Quote: "Um... You fight good." I love how they're all so sweet, and then there's Shang.

Nailed it. Thanks Mulan, for being the only Disney movie with an accurate depiction of how men behave. Love Disney but so true lol>>> and it's not proper Grammer to say you fight good. Your supposed to say you fight well