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How much yarn do I need to make a baby blanket? Here's a handy reference, thanks to Woolstock Yarn Shop in Maryland.

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Sizing Chart for Blankets, Scarves and other things. I wanted this especially for Children scarf sizes.

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Standard Yarn Weight System: Helpful Chart For Crocheting

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Excellent Chart of baby head and hat sizes. Importnat to note that for hats to stay on babies' heads they need to be Smaller than the Head Size.

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Yarn Care Chart Final 430x1024 Knit in Public Week Day 4

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Crochet Cheat Sheet Oombawka Design Take a look at this awesome Crochet Cheat Sheet! This is a great resource. :-)

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Beginners Crochet Baby Hat

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Love this handy blanket size chart!

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Afghan Size Chart- from preemie to king size for solid blanket, 6x6 squares, 8x8 squares, and 12x12 squares- So Handy!!

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crochet Hook Conversion Chart for converting US crochet hooks to metric sizes.

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How Much Yarn Do I Need? ✿⊱╮Teresa Restegui✿⊱╮



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Love this! Color schemes for crocheted blankets or throws. You could also use them on scarves and hats.

sewaccessiblefrom sewaccessible

Helpful tools for sizing

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Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting - Baby blanket size reference picture.

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Blanket Teal

Cotton Baby Blanket

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Free Crochet Pattern {Granny Square Baby Blanket}

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Hey fellow knitters!! Have you ever had to cast on hundreds of stitches and then have to do it AGAIN and AGAIN because you didn't allow enough yarn? I certainly have... Annoyo! shows you two tricks to prevent this from every happening again. (FYI, this is an awesome knitting help site.)

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Norwegian Purling Why did I not know how to do this?! Now my needles are gonna start a fire! Thanks Roxanne!

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crochet baby blanket:STUPID EASY. Let's all make one now! - big hook, 3 soft yarns (varying weights are fine), do entire blanket working in single crochet to size you want

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Changing yarn invisibly on crochet

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Blanket made from scrap yarn squares ... I made one using just cream, and it turned out very well.

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- great ideas & inspiring results. These will use all the left over yarn from & make some amazing gifts this Christmas. #crochet

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280 Crochet Shell Patterns. Saw the pattern pictured used by someone for a green and yellow blanket