Yearbook homecoming parade spread shows the parade route as the background. Timber Creek HS, Fort Worth, Texas.

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Yearbook Cover ideas from NSPA - Contest Winners (This was one of my absolute favourite spreads I saw in Austin this past year. I know we can't do this, but its a good place to start with ideas.)

I like the cover page's association with the theme itself. It gives more human and personal touches with the squares being imperfect with dirty outlines. The design overall is aesthetically pleasing because it is simple.

Overall Design-I really like the spread showing where students went over the summer. It is an unusual spread but makes for a very interesting layout that will capture the reader's attention.

Yearbook Staff Page, i like this one even more

What a cute spread! Senior goals, on sticky notes attached to a bulletin board. Very creative :) #yearbook #yearbookideas #seniorpage #yearbookspread #spread #stickynotes #seniorgoals #creative #design #graphics

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I really like this spread for a sports page, I think the modules look really good laid out this wayy #SemiYB #September

Senior yearbook intro page. A few grads who have been in the district since kindergarten. Photographed them with a green book then replaced it with a frame and the photo they sent in. Timber Creek HS, Fort Worth, Texas.

I could use a spread like this for a sports page... If only weightlifting was as interestting... #semiyb #nov

Photos divided diagonally to give visual interest. Could be used as a table of contents page or in a student life / sports spread.

Yearbook spreads | Idea Garden Blog » Where Yearbook Design Comes To Life!

Yearbook spreads | Idea Garden Blog » Where Yearbook Design Comes To Life!

2011 yearbook layout by Courtney Sabo

Look at all the great coverage on this spread! Love the adorable dominant too!

Homecoming spread ides: Mission San Jose High School, 2012