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hobbit eating schedule.. funny lord of the rings digital download - This would be really cute to hang in the kitchen. So I think I will.

Iron Man is the best superhero because unlike Superman and Batman who rely on weapons made by other people and supernatural abilities, Tony Stark relies on his genius. Not that the other superheroes aren't smart, but Iron Man is a self-made superhero and my favorite :)


I don’t think so, Parker…

Spidey gets owned // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

So true...#stan Lee making more money from nerds than a bully at lunchtime #funny #humor #jokes | re-pinned by


Correct way to play with your Iron Man toys…

True to character.

Why can't this happen at my birthday party? I would be so happy if the avengers just randomly showed up having a dance off!


Well aren’t they cute…

Awww, sad but cool/ cute.


Well Done, Benedict

"Benedict Cumberbatch hiding from paparazzi."<-- You guys have got this all wrong. He's clearly imitating Mr. Napkin Head from The Holiday.

he's just that awesome.


Visiting the doctor… "Neil's puppet dream - the hospital" Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris together with Castle, Firefly and Dr. Horrible references! LOVE!


Vintage ‘Why so serious?’

Jacques-Louis David- Selfportrait

Twighlight Fans - it's just funny...calm down - hahahahaha!! It's funny because it's true (I'm a Twilight and Star Trek fan!)


Thank you for noticing…

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Lord of the Rings Valentine…

Lord of the Rings Valentine Happy VDay!