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Awww, they signed as their characters! Tony’s signature is ridiculously LOUD. Also, Clint’s little arrow, with Natasha right next to him! And Bruce is all unobtrusive and modest, THOR all caps, of course… and Cap is so sweet he thinks he needs to confirm who he is.

Iron Man facts

Iron Man facts

Iron Man facts

Thor and Loki are like Mufasa and Scar.... and Stark should never let Thor watch this movie!

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21 Movies Summed Up In One Photo Set

Tony Stark does science


Hawkeye has a SICK new costume, and a possible role in Captain America 3!

The Avengers Humor


Mormon Memes from the Avengers



Game Over, Everyone Go Home

Texts from the Avengers. Game Over, Everyone Go Home

Nerdy Fact #830 Robert Downey Jr - "Iron Man". I can't see anyone else more perfect for the role. RDJ is Tony Stark/Iron Man

Steve looks so done with the avengers right now.

The Avengers: "His first name is Agent" (Robert Downey Jr aka Tony Stark/Ironman and Gwenyth Paltrow aka Pepper)