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Margaret of Anjou (c.1429-82) wed Henry VI of England at 15. After raising an army to defend herself from the vultures that were gathering now that Henry VI was deemed mentally incompetent, Margaret restyled herself a warrior-queen. She led several victories during the War of the Roses before she & her family escaped to Scotland. In 1462 she went to France to seek help from Louis XI-he gave her re-enforcements. Back in England, things went well until Margaret's only child was slain by Edward…

Tudor tree from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth I. Found from a very cool website where the blogger says, "Ask Henry" and answers questions as if he were Henry!

Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne of England, son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, brother of Mary, Margaret, and Henry VIII. Married to Catherine of Aragon in 1501, died in 1502.

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elizabeth I - madrina de Jacobo Isabel I de Inglaterra, como madrina in absentia, envió una magnífica fuente de oro como regalo de bautismo

Henry VII. After taking the throne, king Henry VII disarmed the nobility, a maneuver essential for consolidation and restoration of royal authority. The infamous Star Chamber was revived. He kept his promise to marry Elizabeth of York, thereby affirming his legitimacy. She bore him eight children, including the future King Henry VIII. An Historical Figure of England, Tudor Dynasty.

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Elizabeth I

This English Monarch, daughter of Henry VIII had enormous impact on European History, due to her role in the Reformation, England's entrance to the world stage, and improvements in world culture, especially the works of William Shakespeare.Elizabeth was born in 1533 and within 30 years she had the throne succeeded from her sister Mary.She essentially gave most Christians the right of freedom of religion, and with the exception of her advisors, the right to worship where they pleased.

1457: King Henry VII was born in Pembroke Castle, Wales.. Henry was the only son of 23 year old Edmund Tudor and 12 year old Margaret Beaufort.. Edmund Tudor, died before he was born and Henry was raised by his uncle Jasper Tudor..