Russet Oak Leaves

fall colors autumn aspen trees

•(★)•rα∂!єητ яє∂•(★)•

red feathers

Leaf my Lips alone.

Deep Red Leaf, 8 X 10 photograph, fine art photographic print, Botanical Print

Red and yellow leaves..

Ephemera, Autumn Red Leaf, Hand Written Letter, Background, Art, Fall, Paper Craft, Downloadable

Red also was used to show passion. Red in the novel was used to show how passionately Marco and Celia were for each other and the play. It was very contrary to the typical color scheme of the circus which was black and white.

What we love about Fall.

My favorite season!

fall blueberries

autumn leaves

Fall Leaves <3

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Autumn maple leaf laying on a log.

red, red, red.

Violin with red maple leaf



Deep autumns deep pink