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  • Jo Ann Ashton Daszuta

    This is one of my favorite military history places I visited while stationed in Germany...........Normandy, France today blended with 1944.

  • Dionne Thomas

    D-day war photo, Omaha Beach; Bucket List: visit battle sites of WWII

  • Tanda Barnes

    Images of D Day june 7th 1944 | June 6, 1944, D-day, Normandy. The landing of US troops on Omaha beach ...

  • Sarah Starke

    Sergey Larenkov is a Russian-based artist/photographer put together a tremendous set of collages of historic World War II photographs merged with the same locations as they look today.

  • Jessi

    Ghosts of History: June 6 1944 D-day; Historical war photography superimposed over modern landscapes

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photographer Sergey Larenkov blended WWII photos with photos of same locations today

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During World War II, Russian soldiers were trained to dig their trenches narrow and deep so the weight of a tank or other vehicle passing over would not collapse the dirt in on them burying them alive ...

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