Writing space with a moody, steampunk feel. Vintage typewriter and photographs, patterned wallpaper.

A Cabinet of Curiosity room...the first museums were items collected during the travels of the wealthy. They would then house these collections of random items in a specially built cabinet (glass fronted) w/lots of drawers + invite their friends over to admire. Collections got bigger/more specific...hence- the museum! But some folk like me still keep their 'treasures' close by + visible.


This looks beautiful and is a great way to repurpose old luggage, but I would have to invest in a whole heap of luggage tags so I would know what was in each suitcase. You'll find a lot more storage ideas on our site at http://theownerbuildernetwork.com.au/storage-ideas/

♔ Shabby Chic

Vintage Safari, Safari Furniture, Vintage Furniture | Second Shout Out

Bohemian chic

Old school chart, typemachine... Industrial chic!

Rudyard Kipling's creative space.

There must be an accent wall where I can make this work.

I love this studio style home office space. Although it appears to be a little dark and dreary from the concrete grey walls, the rectangular shape wood desk and drawers bring a warmth. The white hairy area rug breaks up some the lines for softnes and light. The large windows give the room lots of natural light.


... Inspiration #354

Love to recreate a wall like this--

Portrait of the artist Brita Granstrom, by photographer Diana Pappas. Some day I will have a large workspace with a bright window.

Busy life, busy desk.

I have a great desire to do this (except I want a functional old typewriter):Set up a small area in your guest room purely as an aesthetic. Vintage desk lamp with a beautiful antique Underwood Typewriter. We sell typewriters for 150$ at The Art of Demolition at 390 Keele Street in Toronto