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Railroad Tracks

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Railroad bridge over Tombigbee River, Jackson, Alabama, USA.

Railroad, wish I could do senior pictures at a place like this

The Separations Bridge is located outside Mogilno, Poland. photo by samuel vincent

Railroad track looks like it was hit by an earthquake!

All the old railroad tracks that we used to walk along are now gone. I walked the ones by my Grandma's the most as it was close. The trains moved a lot of grain back then and I think it would be better if we still had them today. Tracks all got bad and so government decided to build interstate highways instead. Joyce Poppen

Laying track to the Indian Territory border is Cormac's primary goal. That and making sure no one dies in the process. (Find out how Cormac's plans are derailed in ADELLA'S ENEMY, a novella in the Passion's Prize anthology)

The journey is long and difficult, don't forget to to slow down and enjoy the beauty along the way. Make your journey like a beautiful dance, it'll be so much more

I Love Railroad tracks and old Bridges. Taken in Great Falls Montana