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    Thank you Renee for your wonderful words . I ask stupid people this question ALL the time. LOL! #MobWives

    hahahahhh "i'm comin foya" - #1 phrase you DON'T wanna hear out of an italian's mouth.

    Mob wives...my Husband actually knows all of thier names, because I watcj this religiously and he watches with me! Love it!

    Mob wives Lmao i didnt even know there was a series like this.. guess its in my genes to be brassy n not give a F*ck who understands me or *likes* me or not Lol if you aint as dedicated as we are then you dont belong n cant hang simple as that Lol were humble but we will knock the sh*t out of you in a heartbeat you step up and disrespect..Love it!

    Big Ang. Mob Wives......she makes me laugh

    Not set on my DVR, but if I stumble upon it, I'll watch it. I'm a reality TV junkie :)

    Mob Wives, I saw this product on TV and have already lost 24 pounds! weightpage222.com

    Big Ang from Mob Wives. Love her!