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Nothing like a girl and her horse

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Too cute for words, nap buddies #baby #cat #baby cat|

Jean-Philippe Charbonnier La filette au chat Paris, 1958

furry friend. My furry friend is cheddar my ginger Tom cat . He used to have a sister who was my other furry friend... but she was put down because she had cancer in her stomach. I think cheddar sometimes feels lost with out her.

Cat lady love.

Simply by Suzy photo - Reminds me of when I was a little girl! I've loved cats for as long as I can remember. :)

They're no fools. Just waiting patiently for the inevitable crumbies...

cat ♥ I want to become a cat too.

Maybe my favorite picture ever .. So touching and sweet ... God's precious animals ..What a sweet little girl..

photograph by Nadia Swindell

Cat love

doll pram

themountainlaurel: Kat o.m.g. slinging her baby kitty.  *deceased*

Love is patient, love is kind... Cat's love for the baby. And love from the baby to the cat too of course :) #baby #cat #love #animal

Because I'm all about those cats.

oh dear, how to pin this? orange kitty? kitty loving little girl? adorable orange boots? ruffly minty skirt? all of it is just too good.