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Cat Talk

This made me giggle!

tearable puns ftw

This is what happens when a seagull steals your videocamera while you’re trying to film a sunset

From a fan. I wonder if that shirt's a polyester blend, too.

Laps are fur the taking


ooops.... my bad

until then here's a drawing of a cat

Cat fonts! Font cats!

Sock drama!

Morgan Freeman has a kitten on his head. Your argument is invalid.

Meta-answers ftw.

Also works for writing.

I cannot tell you how many times I have needed the two on the right!

Google search: Do a barrel roll

Chuck Testa has nothing on Nik Tesla.

ya rly.

ya rly

Yah rly.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail + Lion King.

The truth comes out.

how to do to-do.

I'm in two minds about pinning this. As a bitter pacifist, I wish there were no armies at all. But I am very glad the USA took one step out of the dark ages and repealed "Don't ask don't tell."