If I can't have a golden cocker retriever I want a Pomsky

Australian shepherd/ Pomeranian mix. I NEED THIS DOG.

This is a pomsky, a Husky and Pomeranian mix. They stay close to this size all their life. IT'S SO FLUFFY.

Samoyed Puppy

Cute puppy sitting on couch.. Click the pic for more awww

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A Pomeranian-Husky mix... possibly the only small dog i could tolerate! so cute!

Husky/Golden Retriever Mix. Give me it!!!! <3


soooo cute <3

more pomsky! I WANT ONE!!!

Chloe the Mixed Breed -- Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd / Golden Retriever


Pomsky puppies for sale are cute pups that one could place in the apartment. This pups aren't purebred but are a half-breed between the husky and also the Pomeranian. Getting this type of puppy is great as you'll find a pup with a number of of characters. As an example, Pomsky puppies for sale are clever and very incredibly trustworthy. ...

Husky Pomeranian mix AHHHHH! So cute!!


MY DREAM DOG!!!! Petite Golden Retriever. 38% Golden Retriever, 44% Cocker Spaniel, 18% poodle. 24 lbs.

Pomsky... :)

Husky and golden retriever mix. This would be the best dog ever!

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