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Dry Erase crayons show up well on foil...never knew that!

Vent covers= large sheet magnets to use in crafting

Tutorial : Blending colored pencils with baby oil

Shirt One, for the apron bib

THE GLUE SPONGE! You just cut a sponge to fit in a container, pour glue it, and the kids can just press their little cut-up pieces of paper on it. No more globby glue puddles! SAY WHAT?

Small Painter, Liu Ye

Homemade Alcohol Ink

If you petrify a brush with dried paint, just soak it in Murphy's Oil for 24 to 48 hours and it dissolves all the paint and makes it like new. Must try

Homemade Polymer Clay

amazingly well-organized art room- great tips and ideas here.

Brick Clips - hanging on brick without drilling! Bril!

clean your oil pastels with cornmeal

3 bucket rinse system. I like it.

Yarn holder #crochet

brush tutorial

These are dried out water-based markers. I'm actually turning them into liquid watercolor that paints beautifully. I just fill a clean baby food jar with water, tie about six dry markers with a rubber band, and set them in the top of the jar. I let them sit over night and watercolor is made!


Snow Paint. When it dries, it's this soft spongy art project...I will definitely be doing this!! I did this with Anna and I think I had more fun then she did!

o Melt down crayon pieces and pour into glue stick containers to harden. Big crayons that can be rolled up as they are used. BEST IDEA EVER!!

oil pastels and baby oil.... forgot about that little trick

never stress during clay again! tips for prepping clay, storing, etc.