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  • Marcia Krech

    I'm so going to try to figure out how to use these wristwatch sticky notes as a Team Game! Or something! Anyone have some good ideas? Leave comments!

  • Brittney Davis

    Wrist Watch Post It Notes! Maybe then I wouldn't have to write on my hand or lose the sticky note.

  • Laura Fazzio

    I had this idea YEARS ago and now PostIt is getting all the glory just cause they have a way to manufacture it. -_- Stay organized and quit poisoning your body with ink when writing self reminders on your arms, wrists, and hands. Now you can write a reminder to yourself on these wrist watch post it notes that you wear on your wrist like a regular watch or bracelet.

  • Laura Strickland

    I need these! Post it Watches --would be great for the kids -- return library book, hand in homework, early pick up....

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