Hot Glue + Color = Beautiful Easter Eggs! #Pollock from Creative Connections for Kids

Hot Glue Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs

Egg dyeing tips...

This is AWESOME, Just add margarine to your egg dye

.blue and white easter egg designs , to do draw or paint on white egg with masking fluid or hot glue gun , put egg in indigo dye allow to dry then peel off the masking egg craft made easy

20 Easter Egg Tutorials. #Easter

Tie Dye Easter Eggs (Toddler Friendly)-Easy way to decorate Easter eggs without having to worry about a cup of dye spilling.

Rubber cement on eggs - Drizzling or brushing the glue creates some really unique eggs.

Easter - Vintage - A Peaceful Easter

How to make Minions Easter Eggs... the easy way! #Minions, #Eggs, #Easter

All about Easter eggs

Masking Tape Easter Eggs

String easter egg craft - DIY string eggs - such an easy craft to do with kids for Easter!

Easter Eggs

boil eggs, crack the shell, then reboil in colored water...these are awesome!

37 Adorable And Unexpected Easter Egg DIYs, Silk-Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter egg dyeing with a whisk...not messy and good for young ones too!

How to make decoupage eggs using plastic easter eggs

Can't wait to make Easter dinner love cooking big meals 🐰🐥🌷💐

Shaving Cream Marbled Easter Eggs #Easter Eggs #Easter #Shaving Cream