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Harpy Eagle -- [Color him red and yellow and you're looking at Fawkes' head, the Phoenix from the Harry Potter films. www.harrypotterfo...]

Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) - Panama; has a wingspan of up to 7 ft and talons that can grow as big as grizzly bear paws; it can swoop up to 50 mph. Literally eats sloths and monkeys for breakfast. Each nestring pair of harpy eagles requires about 7sq mi of rainforest in which to hunt, so they're not getting enough to eat these days.

These magnificent birds, harpy eagles, can reach up to 42" tall.

Bald Eagle; "Our recent visit to Grouse Mountain in Vancouver included another interesting exhibition, “Birds in Motion”. A group called The Canadian Raptor Conservancy puts on daily demonstrations of birds of prey doing their thing, free flight. About to land, this eagle had slowed to a speed where he was much easier to photograph"

Amazing Harpy Eagle in his magnificent cape & crown of justice

Harpy Eagle, considered the larget of the eagles, wtih wing spans approaching ten feet. Incredible strength, able to literally pierce the skulls of the monkeys upon it mainly preys. But, no animal under even fifty pounds is safe from this incredible successful hunter/killer.

Harpy Eagle ~ notably the largest eagle worldwide. The leaf is a natural insecticide to ward off flies from the nest.

Harpy Eagle - It is the largest and most powerful eagle in the world.