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Moose Babies! We saw a pair just like these guys, with their mama, several years back up in the mountains very near where we live.

The black and white cows are what I remember growing up

We have our meeses walk through our back yard. They love plums etc. They ARE big, unless, of course, they are youngsters with momma!!

Moose and Newborn Calf 5x7 by JoshColeImaging on Etsy, $17.00

Moose Montana! Many of you do not know that it is my wish to have a pet moose! But, someday I shall have one and when I do his name shall be Moose Montana!

Cute 2-week-old moose calves at the Kostroma Moose Farm near Sumarokovo, Russia • photo: Anatoly Kraynikov on Flickr

Moose Babies! Look at those legs! It is very dangerous to approach a baby moose for two reasons: mother moose IS always nearby and ready to charge and baby moose is a grizzly bear's favorite snack. Photos are much safer! (FYI - Adult Moose are not to be approached either, they can charge & stomp you)

Moose Reminds me of a trip to Maine and a paddling excursion with Valerie Williams!