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    Used to love this stuff

    popular candy in the 80's - Google Search

    Gatorade Gum. Gatorade was the first to learn that drinks and gum don't mix so well in the late 90's. I love this gum!

    This was the best gum ever!!!

    Bubble Gum Cigars


    Freshen-Up Gum. Best Gum EVER!

    As a kid, this was golden. Your lucky if you find it.

    Green apple bubble gum.

    80s candy cigs - thought they were so cool, but shudder at the thought now!

    Fruit Stripe Gum was the best treat ever. Unfortunately the flavor only lasted for like 1 minute.

    I remember this drank it everyday! My Granny fixed this for me and my brothers all the time, and chocolate milk out of Hershey's syrup in a can. LOL that was the good ole days.

    loved bubblicious gum!!

    90s gum

    Does anyone else remember OUCH! Bubble Gum?! I used to love it just because of the box! There are a whole bunch of other '90s foods on this page as well.

    the comics with the fortune at the bottom were the best!

    Double Bubble gum

    i used to buy alot and just check the comic strips, cause this gum is hard like rubber.. Check out Bazooka Gum from Food of the 90's

    awe... elementary

    Topps Bubble Gum Juice Cartons! | Dinosaur Dracula! - Best stuff ever!