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Glitter counts as rainbows. And glitter=sparkle which IS my favorite color and I have a tattoo of the chinese symbol for it because I am THAT awesome.


I'm not a bad person for laughing. Or repinning. UP YOURS KRISTEN STEWART......horrible actress

lol <3

Grumpy cat - Today is such a beatif- I swear this how my husband and I wake up to each other every morning

This is definitely what I hear when this song plays. I can't stop laughing. admit it thats how you sing it too :P hahahahaha

My kids <3

So funny!!! You have to read the books!!! Do u get it?? 😜😂😂😂 #harrypotter #youknowwho

Every time. Every single time. -lg

when all else fails take a nap. such good advice, think I will take a nap now.

I only eat Froot Loops w/MARSHMALLOWS and they can be hard to find, so that must make me Wayyy different?... Lol! #frootloops #bedifferent

So mean... HAHAHA!


Oh Mr. Trebek your humor slays me... Lol!

I used to love this show.

childhood ruined... the look on this poor kid's face... hahahahaha!

Their faces!

Guess someone's about to have a career as a Disney face character.

So cute and funny!! :)