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22 Things You're Doing Wrong

22 Things You're Doing Wrong. These little tricks will help you become the highly advanced human you've always dreamed of being.

Great ideas!

Great ideas!

life hacks by iNW.LIVE

Great ideas!

Homemade Sprinkler ~ Made from Recycled Materials. Simple enough for kids to make. Great DIY to do with the kids this summer!

Aqueduck | yellow duck faucet extender // a clever add-on for washing little hands! #product_design

I will be glad I kept this... Parents of girls, take note. A small spray bottle with 2 TBSP of fabric softener, the rest water = "Doll Hairspray." Easy method for smoothing and renewing any doll's hair.

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33 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier

Use a glue gun to prevent toy heel shoes from slipping. | Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier

Ever wonder if your child has already been given her medicine?? In this case, it was twice/day for 10 days. Just an idea - use a sharpie & mark it right on the bottle! :)

Take a 2 liter soda bottle, poke holes in it. Attach to a garden hose. Toss over a tree branch and let hang for a kids water sprinkler............ who said fun had to cost a fortune ?