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Fish Swatch

Swatch Guards

Swatch Loved

Swatch Mine

Swatch 80S

Swatch Flashback

Art Swatch

Face Guard

Swatch Watches


Etsyfrom Etsy

Swatch Watch with Rubber Guard

1St Swatch

Childhood 70S 80S

1970S 80S

Childhood Memories

Ahhhh Memories

Nostalgic Memories

Swatch Guards

Swatch Rubber

Watches Yep

Swatch watch with guard! I had this very Swatch in Middle School! :)

Loved Crimping

Remember Crimping

Crimping Hair

Crimping Irons

Crimper Loved

Crimper Mine

Hair Remember

Remember When

Remember Growing

Remember crimping your hair in the 80's?

70 S Beaded

Beaded Coin

Beaded Purses

Beaded Bags

Purses Totally

70S Totally

Totally Remember

80 S Purse

Exact Purse

beaded purses from the 70s - I even remember picking the little beads off...and wishing I hadn't !

Real Swatch

Loved Swatch

Exact Swatch

Old School Fashion

80S Kids Fashion

80'S Swatch Watch

Swatch Watches

Watches Guard

Swatches 3

swatch guard

Watches 1980S

Watches Loved

Dream Watches

Watches Mine

Loved Swatches

Remember Swatches

1980 S Swatch

Swatch Fever

1St Swatch

swatch watch

Played Songs

Toys Played

Played Raindrops

Mine Played

Vintage 70 S

Vintage Stuff

Ipod Vintage

Retro Stuff

Spell Vintage

Vintage 70's Toys - Played songs to sing along.

Barrettes Remember

Barrettes Loved

Ribbon Barrettes

1980'S Ribbon


Outfit 1980'S


Childhood Memories

Childhood 1963

1980's ribbon barrettes

Loved Swatches

Swatch Loved

Exact Swatch

Swatch Mine

Favorite Swatch

70S 80S Childhood

Childhood Memories

Babies Memories

Cozy Memories

swatch watches

10 Swatch

Swatch Face

Watch Swatch

Cola Swatch

Swatch Phone

Swatch Watches

1880 Board

Swatch Guards

Totally 80 S

Had to have the SWATCH WATCH

Wedding Rings

My Wedding

Lost Places

Fun Places

Christmas Catalog

Christmas Time

Chicago Memories

Memories Ii

Catalog Showroom

Woah!!!!!!Bryan got my wedding ring from here LOL almost 13 yrs ago!!!

eBayfrom eBay

Classic Ladies Watch With White Dial, Romanl Numerals, Moon and Sun

Watches 90S

Watches Mine

Ladies Watches

Watches Loved

Moon Watch

80'S Watch

Phase Watches

Totally Forgot

Watch Totally

Sun and Moon watches

70S Christmas

Christmas Stocking

Style Snow

Les Globes

Retro Snow

School Snow

Loved Snow

Plastic Snow

Cheap Gifts

Snow Globes

Swatch Bought

Swatch Don'T

Swatch Face

Swatch Phone

Multiple Swatch

80'S Swatch Watches

Plastic Watch

Swatch Watch 80S

Swatch Guards

Swatch. Wear two or three. Don't forget your face guard!

Swatch Fever

Pop Swatch

Art Swatch

1980 S Swatch

Swatch Colors

Jane Watches

Watches Loved

Swatch Design

Swiss Swatch


80 S Baby

80 S 90 S

My 80

Ole Days

Days 70

Kid Days

1980 S

Remember When

Remember Banana

Every girl rocked the banana clip back in the 80's!

Peacock Colors

Nbc Peacock

Color Yup

Color Tv

Watch Tv

Don T Watch

Loved Watching

Worth Watching

Color 1968

The NBC Peacock that announced when primetime TV started, and also told you that the show you were about to watch was "in living color."

Swatches Loved

80S Swatches

Loved Swatch

Retro Swatch

1980 S Swatch

80S Swatch Watch

Swatch Phone

Vintage Swatch

Original Swatch

1980's Swatches - the exact one I had is in the bottom left corner!!! I was soooo excited when my mom actually bought me one!!!!

Watches 80S

Best Watches

Robot Watch

Toy Watch

80'S Watch

Watch Mine

Exact Watch

Robot Toys

80S Robot

Best watch ever, I loved this watch but mine was silver.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Watch

Time Mickey

Loved Mickey

Mickey Mouse Watch

Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse Cartoon

A Mouse

Watch Loved

Watch Mine

Exact Watch

Mickey Mouse watch...had this and a backwards running Goofy watch too!

Simon 80S

Simon Game

Loved Simon

80'S Loved

Simon High

Simon 1980'S

Blog Simon

Play Simon

Remember Simon

Simon #80's