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    True - why is he holding a sewing machine?

    • Nathalie Jeanne

      this just made me laugh. A guy dressed up for prom standing on the sidewalk carrying a sewing machine smiling for a picture with a wrecked truck behind him. Hmmm yeah this is unexplainable.

    • Paxton Elizabeth

      nooo, its totally reasonable,he was getting married to the sewing machine, and he was so happy she was his wife, he asked the ups guy to let him drive the ups truck ...... Problem was, he didn't know how to drive it . So they crashed and killed all the people at the wedding so they had a peaceful wedding and a nice picture before getting hauled off to jail<-------- THIS

    • Morgan Lawrence

      It can be explained! The postal man crashed his truck and the policy came! Then the guy who was going to a wedding got a call saying the hem of one of the dresses was ripped and needed to be sewn! So then he grabbed the sewing machine and matched outside with his best man! Where he found the crash and found it funny and asked his friend to take a picture!! BOOM! Explained

    • Tay Perry

      Ok! So.. 1: of course there are cops in the back with a UPS driver by the wrecked truck. 2:THE TRUCK FELL OFF THE SIDEWALK!!! 3:There is a boy in the picture with no date... Unless the person taking the picture is his date. 4: he is holding a sewing machine... Hmmmm

    • Courtney Donahey

      Srsly? Wtf? The UPS truck? The sewing machine? I'm so confused and laughing my ass off at the same time.

    • Leah Zine

      These 22 totally bizarre photos are all perfect examples of how, sometimes, context can be critically important to understanding exactly WTF is going on in a given picture. Why is that man holding a sewing machine in front of the scene of an accident? What exactly is it about that dog that has that young couple so transfixed? These are the questions that keep us up at night (or keep us laughing until our stomachs hurt).

    • Lindsay Shaul

      this picture makes me CRY. funny stuff.

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    Mind. Blown.

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    WHY don't they DO this??!?

    funny but very, very true.

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    true friends tell you the truth!!

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    Too true


    so true...

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    so true.

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    Um Wow! Yeah he does!