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    • Laurie Pascarella

      Isn't this the truth? Humans are the real "inhumane animals" . Take a look at the other side of the leash to find the "real" animal!!!!!!

    • Ashley Roman

      Yes pup you're right! humans give you a bad name! I<3 All three of My Pitt Bulls!

    • Hipsterwale 3,000

      This is so true. Please don't fear or hate pit bulls. They can be loving pets just like your yorkie or German Shepherd. We make them mean we make them fight. So please don't hate pitbulls.😐😭

    • Ohio Voters for Companion Animals - OVCA

      Humans buy me. Humans over breed me. Human cut my ears off. Humans beat me. Humans MAKE me fight. I'M THE ONE YOU WANT TO BAN? I'M THE ONE WHO GETS THE BAD RAP? I'M THE ONE YOU FEAR??? Hello - what's wrong with this? I'm just the dog in the middle of this - sweet, lovable, compassionate and caring - until a bad person hurts me and then I'm frightened. PLEASE End BSL! #pets #BSL #dogs #education #discrimination

    • Nonie

      Stop Animal Cruelty- With the right human any dog, regardless of the breed, can be a good dog. If a child is abused it has a higher chance of abusing others in the future so why would people think dogs are any different? Soapbox done.

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    Very true. I am a proud supporter of *well trained* pitbulls. It's the stupid humans we need to ban.

    old school Aubie


    so true...

    Mine, too.

    Princess Etiquette




    boxer puppy!

    I didn't even realize how said it was, until I read this

    Maybe it will work...

    haha that's awesome!



    war eagle

    hmmm...I like the idea of this, but not the shorts-id do a skort or short skirt or something a lil more flattering for me at 5 ft tall


    Abbey Road again

    So cute!

    Gotta work on my patiencep

    Gotta work on my patiencep