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TOM CORBETT was the only one of the early 1950s live space adventure series that had a daily (7 days per week) newspaper strip. It looked as if it were drawn by legendary artist Milton Caniff, but it was actually drawn by one of his assistants, Ray Bailey. Bailey did not get a likeness of ANY of the actors portraying the characters on TV.


MILT CANIFF The King of the Comic Strips Milton Caniff From The Early Years To Terry and the Pirates Milton Caniff, to most comics fans, will always be regarded as the major leading light of the syndicated comic strip. He was a pioneer of a visual

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Vintage Sci Fi Poster Amazing Stories Liners Of Space

Ben Gleed, King Of Speed by Don Wilcox Amazing Stories - December * 20c * See Back Cover Liners Of Space by Henry Gade Great Stories by Manly Wade Wellman Ralph Milne Farley * Nelson S. Bond