Bottle fence --COOL! drill hole in each bottle and run a rebar through it. Another reason to drink more wine...

A bit of garden whimsy ... made of bottle caps

The Homestead Survival | How To Make Glass Bottle Garden Fence | Homesteading - Gardening - DIY Project

wine bottles were threaded onto pieces of rebar, making a unique and whimsical privacy screen.

Slowly build as you go places.

Recycled metal fence. For some reason I really like this.

Concrete stepping stones that look like vintage pillows. Get old pillows, lather with petroleum jelly, cover with plaster of paris. once hardened, remove pillow and fill mold with concrete!

I'm so doing this!!! recycled bottle cap table

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse - awesome idea!!!

Who knew you could turn a bland chain link fence into something lacy?

glass bottle garden

pvc projects | PVC pipe and wood, pretty shower fountain | PVC projects

Drill holes in fence and insert marbles!

finished fence web Pallets Patio Fence in pallets 2 diy with Wood / organic planter Pallets fence

Keep bugs away with style - use a wine bottle as a citronella candle! (Photo via Design Sponge)

Neat edging idea

Recycle empty wine bottles into garden torches - great for an outdoor party

how to cut the bottom off a bottle -- to make LIGHTS!

Outdoor wedding - Keep the bugs away in a classy fashion! 1 empty and cleaned wine bottle 1 Tiki Torch wick refill (thick) Tiki Torch citronella fuel 3/8" metal washer (or adjust washer size if bottle opening is larger/smaller) Decorative glass rocks or beads of your choice (optional) *small enough to fit in bottle opening - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins