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  • Bernadette Saddik

    "Laugh of the day!" Star Wars, meet Dr. Seuss :) Yoda is the perfect choice

  • Sarah Kneuer

    Star Wars Yoda + Dr Suess mashup

  • Magic Logix

    Strong with you, the force is. (Dr. Seuss is Star Wars!) #starwars

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XD mini-soda... I'm dying these are so funny!

Seriously, if you have not seen this guy go do it!! His facial expressions are THE best.

Fed up with all the excuses, life is about choices, and actions speak for themselves. Deal with the consequences alright.

The Chinese will literally eat something if they think it'll give them superpowers, like some sort of chaos theory of schizophrenics.

Before you go, I would like you to take this KNIFE out of may back. You’ll probably need it AGAIN.

Old city street from cardboard. This is like my all foam board set. Lol

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Lisbon, Portugal

YES YES YES, because Jack would double talk and try to confuse everyone, Stark would never finish his smart-aleck sentences, and it'd just keep going

This was my favorite interview with them all! Only one of the twins thought of that clever book! Hah

True story

20 ways to maintain a healthy level of insanity. Not sure whats up with the all caps, but whatever

Thylacine: the Tasmanian Tiger (extinct since 1936) won't lie that thing is a tad scary...probably shouldn't have put it under How cute!

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Harry and Hermione


Thomas Gibson aka Aaron Hotchner "Hotch"

This tarsier is concerned about the fact that he can see forever when he looks into your eyes. This tarsier is also tripping pretty hard right now, so you shouldn't sweat it too much.