Worksheets: Pumpkin Life Cycle

Free pumpkin life cycle activity from Ms. Fultz's Corner

Pumpkin Life Cycle

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Watch a video of a Monarch butterfly as it hatches from its chrysalis. Great video to use when teaching about the life cycle of a butterfly.

A variety of free printable science books - a site worth exploring!

Back To School and Fall Apple Themed Preschool Printable

Worksheets: Life Cycle of a Frog. While I am against worksheets in the early learning classroom, I do, occasionally use them as a group activity. I love this visual for talking about the lifecycle of a frog.

For only $10 this source would be great to bring into the classroom to provide a hands on visual for the students. When teaching the class about the life cycle of sea turtles, this would be a great tool to incorporate into the class discussion.

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Worksheets: I Spy Letter S: To review letters, mark all the things that begin with the "s" sound. Name them to your teacher when she sees this paper with you. MamaPat

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Life Cycles!

Pumpkin Investigation

Life Cycle of a Chicken

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pumpkin life cycle