New Delhi, India

Africa | Dogon door, Mali

Qutub Minar, Delhi, India


Matmatah, Qabis. Tunisia.


abriendo-puertas: Venice. Italy. By Javier Corbo

Old, weathered raspberry red/maroon/dark pink colored double doors with a wreath in Kefalonia, Greece.

Can i jus do this to my regular doors at home? Lol im prolly guna try and my husbands guna shit himself

beautiful colors

worn door



A red door in Italy.

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This shows a locked window, we can see in this image the decay. This is also an image that5 explores abandoned places and the colour enhances the sense of evolution and growth through decay.


As early as 1300 CE, 'gin' was used for "A device for fastening or securing a door, window, etc.; a bolt, bar, or the like" (OED). For example, in 1710, T. Ruddiman Gloss is recorded saying, "Gyn, the bolt or lock of a door" (OED).

Door. Love it❤❤


love the colors and texture