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    Suffragette, Britain 1900s. Women of Britain & the democratic world, never waste your right to vote. These women fought, died and starved for a right we now take for granted. It doesn't matter who you vote for, vote because you can. It's a right still denied to millions of women around the world.

    Pearl Hart (c. 1871 – after 1928), a female outlaw of the American Old West, armed with a .38 revolver. She cut her hair short and took the highly eccentric act, for a Victorian Era woman, of dressing in men's clothing.

    Pancho Barnes - aviatrix, stunt pilot, preacher's wife, Owner of Happy Bottom Riding Club bar/ranch, friend of Howard Hughes, Amelia Earhart, Chuck Yeager, Buzz Aldridge & Lassie. 1st female stunt pilot; created 1st pilots' union; took on the Mexican Army dressed as a man; & fought the US Military when they stole her land... with great passion & joy.

    Violet Constance Jessop - The Unsinkable Woman. She survived all 3 of the White Star Line’s sister ships' disasters. She was a stewardess aboard the Olympic when it collided with a ship in 1911. She was a stewardess aboard the Titanic when it hit the iceberg. The Britannic was made into a hospital ship for WWI. Violet became a nurse & was working aboard when an explosion sank the ship. Violet continued to work for shipping lines until she retired in 1950. Amazing tenacity ...

    NdGT calling out sexism on "Cosmos" Thank you. Those women did work that mattered.

    Famous women pilots preparing to take part in the 1934 Memorial Day air races at Dycer Airport. In front row kneeling is Gladys O’Donnell, who last year entered seven races and won six. Seated is Ruth Elder, famous flying beauty. Standing left to right: Kay Van Doozer, Myrtle D. Mims and Clema Granger.

    Early leather....

    1900s - Kate McHale was riding out to forage ducks, she dismounted to open a gate and a rattlesnake appeared. She had stumbled into a large den of them. While her 3 year old son Ernie stayed on the horse, she killed at least 140 rattlesnakes. Kate used some of the skins to make a dress and shoes (now in the Greeley museum). Kate married and divorced six times, and was a taxidermist, farmer, midwife, and bootlegger.... And a bad-ass bitch who gave zero fucks.

    Moon & STars Vintage Postcard from Helsinki

    Look a that dress!!!  And that bod!  And that hair!!  And that light!  And that pose!!!   To much goodness..

    Today, we say farewell to the original ‘Dear Abby’ advice columnist, Pauline Phillips, who passed away at the age of 94. Dear Abby responded to many letters from LGBT youth over the years, often referring them to The Trevor Lifeline. Thank you, Pauline. You will be dearly missed.

    Cora Pearl (born Emma Crouch in 1835) was at her time the most famous courtesan in Paris. she may not have been the most conventional beauty, but she charmed men with her daring sexuality, enviable body, wit and lust for life. there are many stories about Cora, some probably true and some not: it has been told she used to bathe in expensive champagne, once had herself served naked on a silver plate at a fancy dinner and dyed her hair red, pink and golden - and her dog’s hair to match hers.

    Nobel-prize winning neuroscientist Rita Levi-Montalcini has passed away at the age of 103, just a few months after publishing her last scientific study. She won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of nerve growth factor along with her colleague Stanley Cohen and continued worked well past the time when most people would have retired. Her most recent scientific study was published earlier this year, at the age of 102, and extended the work for which she won the Nobel.

    The Forty Thieves/Elephants Gang, was an all-woman gang which was a power in the London Underworld in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and perhaps even before.

    Charlotte "Lotta" Mignon Crabtree (1847 –1924) American actress, entertainer and comedian, also a significant philanthropist.Born in New York City to British immigrants, Lotta Crabtree would go on to become one of the wealthiest and most beloved American entertainers of the late 19th century. From her beginnings as a 6-year-old until her retirement at the age of 45, she entertained and was named "The Nation's Darling". Crabtree Hall at the University of Massachusetts is named for her.

    Skittles, aka Katherine Walters, the pretty horse breaker.

    Good lady...

    1908 - Nell Brinkley, American illustrator and comic artist, who was sometimes referred to as the "Queen of Comics" during her nearly four-decade career with NYC papers and magazines. Her drawings were among the first to link young, attractive women with the concept of suffrage. The Brinkley Girl was generally a young working woman, often seen wearing lacy dresses with her hair in curls, engaged in activities that were relatively independent, giving her work a feminist slant.

    Debbie Harry photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, February 2014 #modern #warriorprincess #babe

    Miss Kitty Lee w/ portrait of her boyfriend printed on her stockings, 1920s

    'The Petticoat Duel' 1792:"Lady Almeria Braddock felt insulted by Mrs Elphinstone and challenged her to a duel in London's Hyde Park after their genteel conversation turned to the subject of Lady Almeria's true age. The ladies first exchanged pistol shots in which Lady Almeria's hat was damaged. They then continued with swords until Mrs. Elphinstone received a wound to her arm and agreed to write Lady Almeria an apology." Mad Dogs and Englishmen blog.

    Risque Edwardian lady.

    'Amazons of the Caucasus' , Western Armenia , 1895

    Licia Ronzulli, member of the European Parliament, has been taking her daughter Vittoria to the Parliament sessions for two years now.