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We've all seen those beautiful dried flower arrangements and wreaths, noting with dismay the high prices. You love the smell of gently fragrant...

How to Dry Queen Ann's Lace: This gorgeous flowering plant grows to a height of 4 to 5 feet with large 4- to 6-inch flower heads that resemble lace. These heads, which are actually hundreds of tiny white flowers, make wonderful dried flowers that are well suited for a variety of winter and Christmas crafts.

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Love this! biodegradable wedding confetti made from dried flowers :) If you're lucky enough to have a romantic man who buys you flowers or lovely friends and family that will save you their petals, this is the most personal, eco friendly and cost effective way to homemade wedding confetti :) £0 driedflowercraft.... How to dry your own flowers: driedflowercraft....

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We've all seen those beautiful dried flower arrangements and wreaths, noting with dismay the high prices. You love the smell of gently fragrant...

Homemade potpourri is a wonderful way to enjoy the flowers grown in your garden all the year round. To make potpourri you first have to dry the flowers, it’s not difficult, there are several ways that you can do it, today we will talk about air drying. Gather your flowers right after the dew is gone in the morning and wait at least two days after a rain. When you cut the flowers, handle them carefully so they don’t bruise.

Glass beads: I like the large (1-1 1/2") size but you can use any size. I found mine in Target in the flowers and vases section. A whole bag only cost $4.99! Scrapbook paper: or in the case of the bee magnets, I drew the image myself and photocopied it...shrank it, enlarged it etc. And the toile magnets are made with pieces of fabric...I love TOILE! And have I mentioned before how much I love BEES? Scissors Mod Podge: Of course! Magnets: I use the round ones you can find at any craft store. Hot Glue: To glue the magnets on the back. The way I actually made them is by cutting the paper (or fabric) into squares just larger than the beads. I put Mod Podge on the flat side of the bead and centered the image just where I wanted it (you can see the image even when the Mod Podge is not dry.) I didn't put a coat of Mod Podge on the back of the paper although you certainly could, but I did coat the back of the fabric with Mod Podge. After the Mod Podge was sufficiently dry, I cut around the edge of the bead trimming the paper (or fabric) as close as I could. Then I hot glued on the magnets. VOILA!

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This Unique take on a dozen roses can be done in almost any color and is designed so that the roses dry just how they are. We add wire and butterflys to give the arrangment an extra touch of class.

Materials Scissors or clippers Jar with water Heavy board or sturdy worktable (one you can pound on) Watercolor paper Stack of newspapers Paper towels Hammer Tweezers Clear acrylic coating spray (available at craft and hardware stores) Pencil Instructions Cut flowers from your yard or pick a few common and abundant wildflowers and weeds, such as dandelions. Place stems in the jar of water as soon as they're cut. On the board or worktable, set a sheet of watercolor paper on the newspaper. Place a flower on the paper and cover it with a paper towel. Use the hammer to tap it gently and repeatedly, making sure you tap the entire flower and the stem, if desired. Peel back the paper towel to see how well the color is transferring. If the paper towel looks saturated, the watercolor paper will be too. When you're satisfied with the color, remove the paper towel and the smashed flower, using tweezers if necessary. Repeat step 3 with the other flowers. To protect the colors, spray the paper with the clear acrylic coating and let dry, then write the flowers' names in pencil.

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How to Preserve a Wedding Bouquet: Your wedding bouquet can be kept for decades to come. The preservation method you choose will depend on the type of flowers in the bouquet and the look you want for your preserved bouquet. Here are a few steps to help you preserve a bouquet. Small Coolers, Plastic, Ice. Sand. 1. Preserve the bouquet yourself or let a professional do it for you. Make this decision well in advance of the wedding date as all methods of preservation require that the treatment begin no later than one to four days after the wedding. 2. Keep in mind that some home methods of flower preservation can take days or weeks to complete. Will you have the time to monitor the process yourself? Will you be able to begin the preservation process immediately after the wedding? 3. Choose to have your bouquet professionally freeze-dried if you want the resulting bouquet to look as realistic as possible. The elements of the bouquet are taken apart, freeze-dried if possible, and then put back into the original arrangement. This method will take three to four weeks to complete. 4. Choose to have your bouquet professionally pressed. The bouquet is taken apart, the flowers are pressed, and then they are rearranged and framed. Even though the flowers will be flattened, the original silhouette of the bouquet can be achieved. This method takes 8 to 10 weeks. 5. Make bouquet preservation arrangements in advance of the wedding date. The preservationist will give you instructions on how to care for and transport your bouquet. 6. Expect to pay $100 and up to have your bouquet professionally preserved. The price will depend on the size of the bouquet and any additional services, such as special frames or glass enclosures. If there is no professional in your area, you will also have to pay to have the bouquet shipped overnight. 7. Use drying agents such as sand, silica gel or borax to preserve your own bouquet at home. The process involves covering each flower completely with the chosen substance to draw out moisture. See "Preserve Flowers With Sand," under Related eHows, for instructions. 8. Press the flowers from your bouquet at home. See "Press Flowers," under Related eHows, for information and instructions. Frame your own pressed arrangement. 9. Create your own dried flower bouquet. This is perhaps the simplest preservation method to accomplish at home. Take the bouquet apart and hang the individual flowers to dry. Reassemble the bouquet. Take care with the resulting brittle petals and stems.

How to preserve flowers in the microwave with cat litter ~ WHAT?! Place flower (face down) in a tall glass with a little scoopable cat litter in the bottom. Cover remaining petals with more litter and trim the stem to fit inside the glass. Microwave for 2 minutes. The cat litter will be very hot so be careful. Allow the cat litter to cool completely before removing the flower. The drying process is still underway as the litter cools so don't remove the flowers before the litter has cooled.

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Seed Balls How to make a seed ball: INGREDIENTS: -red clay -worm castings or compost -seeds (flower or herb) -water INSTRUCTIONS: 1-Mix 2 parts clay and 2 parts worm castings or compost with 1 part seeds and 1 part water. 2- Massage ingredients together until a play-dough consistency is formed. 3- Roll into a ball. 4-Let dry in the sun for a day 5- Toss

I custom built a simple flower press to dry flowers from a friend's wedding. Learn How to Make a Flower Press on Squidoo.

This post in Craft Gardener tells how to make your own microwave flower press easily with cardboard, newsprint, rubber bands, and of course, a microwave. Dry and press flowers instantly

How to Preserve Live Flowers for Keepsakes By Mary Ylisela: Preserving flowers saves the flowers and extends your memory of the occasion. The gift of a flower bouquet or arrangement often marks a special occasion worthy of remembering. Preserving the live flowers you received as a keepsake is a simple, beautiful way with which to commemorate the occasion. When done correctly, preserving live flowers is simple to do, and results in a keepsake that will last for years to come. Things You'll Nee: Scissors, Rubber bands, Measuring tape, Non-flavored dental floss, Coat hanger, Aerosol hairspray. 1. Trim all the leaves from the stems of your flowers with a sharp pair of scissors. Cut the stems at an angle, leaving at least 6 inches of stem from the base of the flower. 2. Use rubber bands to secure your flowers for drying. Bunch up to 10 flowers together. Wrap a rubber band around the stems about 3 inches from the bottom of the stems. 3. Measure and cut a length of dental floss between 12 and 18 inches long. Tie the ends of the dental floss around the rubber band on the flowers to form a large loop. 4. A clothes hanger makes a convenient place to hang drying flowers. Loop the dental floss over the coat hanger handle. Hang the flowers, upside down, in a dry, dark location such as a closet or pantry. Allow the flowers to hang dry for two weeks. 5. Check flowers to make sure all moisture is removed. The flowers should be crispy and brittle to the touch, similar to an autumn leaf that has fallen from the tree. 6. Remove the flowers from the hanger and cut off the dental floss. You can either leave them rubber-banded together or remove the rubber band. Spray the flowers with aerosol hairspray to help maintain and preserve their shape.

Learn how to dry your own Roses for those beautiful flower arrangements in this easy to follow Garden Plants Guide.

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Pressed, dried flower vase. Mod Podge flowers to the outside of jar and let dry.