JAJAJAJA they are the funniest ever!

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For Heather

Stepbrothers!!! Hands down favorite movie.


describes mee

i seriously just asked the other day if anyone knew what these 2 looked like now.. crazy.

one of my favorite lines ever.


"You have no regrets?" "No, not one." "Really? Like, not even a single letter?" "No! I love all the letters!" "How many letters are in the alphabet?" "It's- it's in the twenties" "Twenty six I believe." Funny movie

shut. up.

Hahhah. The best part!

Anchorman. Most quotable movie of all time.

i heart Rebel Wilson

Pitch Perfect: Fat Amy Quotes. For a bad day

She's the Man my favorite movie ever! Amanda Bynes, what happened?:C

Modern Family.

I love this movie so much hahaha

Failure to Launch!