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    Immediately surrounded by the aroma of crayons. Who could forget it?!

    LOL! A necklace to wear when the world needs to know how great your shoes are.

    I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry tshirt - for Britta Nystul ;-)

    A'glamping We Will Go necklace.

    ♥ Friends Forever! ♥

    All 7 new covers! I cannot believe it's been 15 years since the first Harry Potter was released!

    When NOT to visit Disney. good to know!


    The hubster brought these home tonite...felt the need to honor his good friend for all the years of faithful service. :-)

    I did mine on San Juan Capistrano! :-)

    Kendall Jenner. Those Kardashian-Jenner genes create pretty people. sheesh.

    Suddenly I REALLY like watching Olympic swimming! ;-)

    Looks exactly like my dog I grew up with....Shane! pet portraits by Joe Vivilecchia

    HARRY POTTER Britta Nystul

    amber waves

    Britta Nystul

    Dicken's 200th Birthday 2/7/1812!

    I had to do a triple-take when I saw this photo. Leaves ya kind of speechless. Photo by Lynsey Stone of a mom and dad birthing their son into the world at home is an entry in the National Geographic Photo Contest 2011.

    Dad and Me - Family slippers set. These look COMFY!

    You are greater than cupcakes

    Saw this on the wall of a home in Park City last night. This is MY kinda trophy head! :-)

    Please Do Not Disturb. :-)

    Well said, Ms. Hax. Well said.

    Nice tribute to Steve Jobs.

    Britta Nystul