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In the mid-1970s Dittos Jeans were the luxury denim of their time. They were tight, high-rise and made your behind look like you’d sprayed the pants on. Their slogan was “Dittos: The Line Forms In The Rear.” They were tighter than tight.

Jordache craze.. My Jordache jeans had a starburst design. Loved them. I was thrilled my Mom bought them for me.

I had every single color, side saddle too!

So remember wearing these and having to call my mom or dad to constantly tie the straps.

DITTOS. FEEL THE FIT (1975) Dittos marked the beginning of the crazy designer jeans phase, when nothing came between Brooke and her Calvin's (because nothing could), and the more expensive the jeans, the better. I had Dittos, Calvin Klein's, Gloria van der Bilt, Jordache (The Jordache Look...), probably more, because that's all that mattered back then. Never mind that I had to lie down on the bed and have my sisters help me zip them up.


omg i had these when i was little, but it was in the 90's and i think it was wet'n'wild?? (Avon, 1974) mood lipstick color changing lipstick

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In every color, I had them! Wish I could have them now made of the same UNBREAKABLE plastic!

Fold over jeans - almost forgot about these I had this exact pair, I LOVED them, so stylish too!!