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Ditto Jeans


Ditto S

Loved Ditto

1970S Ditto

My Life

Vintage Fashion

1970'S Fashion

Fashion Bell

Dittos pants!

Dittos Pants

Dittos Denim

1970S Dittos

Dittos Ad

Blue Dittos

Jeans Ads

Jeans 1972

Jeans Wore

Favorite Pants


Leather Ponytail

Low Ponytail

Leather Hair

Leather Barrette

Leather Headbands

Women Leather

Leather Wooden

Leather Work

Hair 70 S

remember these??

Suits Yep

Suits Loved

Suits They Re

Memories Fashion

Memories 70 S

Suits Shirts

Suits 1970S

1970 S Body

Loved Body

Body Suits

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage Address Finder Dark Green Desk Top

Open Address

Address Phone

Metal Address

Telephone Address

Telephone Numbers

Mom S

My Dad

School Address

Address Finder

Flip up address book. The dial on the right moves to the letter you want. Press at the bottom and it opened. Mom had one for years.

Magazine David

Tigerbeat Magazine

Cassidy Bobby

David Cassidy

Cassidy Donny

Childhood Teen Memories

Memories 1970S

Sweet Childhood

Childhood Loves

Use to read these all the time

Cigarette Machines

Vintage Cigarette Machine

Candy Vending

Candy Machines

Vintage Vending Machines

Retro Candy

Retro Candies

Vintage Candy Bar

Vintage Candy Machine

Remember these?

Pants Rocked

Pants Wore

Pants Loved

Wearing Jeans

Bridge S Nostalgia

Nostalgia Those

Pants Omgosh

Days Childhood Memories

Fuzzy Memories

Painter's pants.........from Shed House in the mall

Ditto Jeans

Playing Pinball

Playmate Playing

Pinball Machines

Vicki Witt



Witt Playboy

Playboy Playmates

These were actually popular in western stores for pants for the cowgirls!

Etsyfrom Etsy

1970s vintage DEEP BLACK sturdy clogs 6 36

Wore Vintage

Vintage Deep

Vintage Clogs

1970S Vintage

Weren T Vintage

Heeled Clogs

Bastad Clogs

Clogs Mine

Real Clogs

Vintage 70's clog

Wore Dittos

Dittos Ad

Dittos Jeans

Color Side

Single Color

Color Loved

Dittos Vintage

Ditto S


The 70's

Vintage Fashion 1970S

1970 Fashion

70S Fashion Shoes

1970S Fashion Hippie

Old School Fashion

Jennifer'S Vintage

1970S Hippie

Vintage Pants

Vintage Apparel

1970s Dark Green Elephant Hip Hugger Bell Bottom Jeans. I WANT A PAIR RIGHT NOW

Liquid paper

Liquid paper

Paper Colored

Paper Blue

Paper 2

Colored Forms

Paper Correction

Correction Fluid

Colored Liquid

Liquid Kind

Vintage Liquid

Liquid paper

Exact Jeans

Jeans Acid

Jeans Yikes

80'S Jeans

Foldover Jeans

Jeans Totally

Totally 80'S

Coolest Jeans

Jeans Loved

Fold over jeans - almost forgot about these

Etsyfrom Etsy

80s Express Acid Washed Jeans

The Jeans

Jeans Mine

Jeans 80S

Denim Pants

80S Pants

Jeans Wore

80S Express

1980S Limited

Washed Fold

OMG!!! Limited Express acid washed fold-over waist jeans! Had did all of my friends! Wore them folded all the way down, low on the hips and tight-rolled on the bottom. Ahhhhhh, the 80's!!!

Green Bottles

Drink Bottles

Bottles 1970 S

Soda Bottles

Light Bottles

Old Glass Bottles

Glass Soda

Century Modern Retro Vintage

70 S Vintage

I remember these!

Carole Jackson

Jackson 9780345345882

Jackson Thought

Professional Color

Guidelines Professional

Beautiful Carole

Beautiful Classic

Beautiful Color

Beautiful Ebook

Everyone had to find out their "colors" based on your season.

Canisters Mom

Tupperware Cannisters

Canister Set

Vintage Canisters

Kitchen Cannisters

Green Canister

Canisters Pretty

Tupperware Avocado

Tupperware Sold

70's Tupperware Canisters My Mom still has her harvest gold!!

High School In The 70S

High School Memories

1970S School

1970S Memories

Teenage Memories

Sweet Memories

Disco Dance Moves

70'S Dance

Disco Dancing

The bump. And bell-bottoms. I remember both.

ValenTEA Partyfrom ValenTEA Party

Keith Partridge– err, David Cassidy.

Cassidy Loved

Cassidy Big

Cassidy Swoon

Cassidy Hello

Cassidy Dreamy

Cassidy 1974

Cassidy Keith

David Cassidy Young

Young David

David Cassidy

Socks Yuck

Gym Socks

Socks 70 S

Socks Worn

Socks Loved

Childhood Memories 60'S

Seventies Childhood

Aaahh Memories

1970S Memories

the 70's