Lengkuas island, Indonesia

What a view...

Bali. Indonesia


Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Beautiful ~ Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia.

Capri, Italy


Santorini , Cyclades ,Greece

The oceannnnn <3

love the view

piggies and the beach… My two favorite things in the whole wide world!! I need to go here (pig island, bahamas)

{ Bali, Indonesia }

The Maldives, Indian Ocean -- Relaxation by Dave Wragg I just loved this picture. I can see myself with sunglasses, a hat, a book, and the dog...yep that's right, THE DOG...I say the dog because sometimes the only voices I want to hear are the ones in my own head telling me to shut up and enjoy the view...

Canibad Beach,Samal Island. Philippines.

Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands