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    THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY by Rachel Joyce for @tomiefox! #fridayreads

    Settled in with "The Casual Vacancy": @Scoopriches. #fridayreads

    Intense for a #fridayreads, @lblancocerda.

    Now this is a happy reader! @Born2newLife IMMIGRANT'S DAUGHTERS by Yasmin Mansy #fridayreads

    She's got the whole world in her hands . . . @Away2Write #fridayreads

    Is this image flipped, @fanoffika, or am I seeing things? #fridayreads

    What drew you to this in the first place, @luna_tic03? #fridayreads

    Is that a tbr pile behind your #FridayReads or is that a stack of already-reads, @KatwithCoffee?

    "I'm reading this today!" exclaims @HudaEngku. #fridayreads

    @JohnnyTeal is reading OBLIVION by @AnthonyHorowitz. #fridayreads

    Awww, kitteh! What do you think your cats intentions are, @kristibellis? #fridayreads

    Excellent choice for a road trip, @IsraelHeller! #fridayreads

    Oh, good gravy! LET THE RIGHT ONE in creeped the stuffing right out of me. How are the short stories? Equally as creepy? #fridayreads

    Well, now this is mysterious, @WillemBod. "Married to Bhutan" - Linda Leaming #fridayreads

    Intriguing shot, @ReadByJenni, but I can't tell what you are reading! #fridayreads : )

    "Another bull's-eye suggestion from Stephanie of @CommunityBkstr in Brooklyn," says @annekorkeakivi.#fridayreads

    "Another bull's-eye suggestion from Stephanie of @CommunityBkstr in Brooklyn," says annekorkeakivi. #fridayreads

    "Reading something for our book club. Is this his best or is his newer book better?" asks @Nelson_Eddy. #fridayreads

    From Russia with . . . @elocche #fridayreads

    On the bus with THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED: @ValPantalone #fridayreads

    Ah, yes, @cbartoldwrite, THE LITTLE PRINCE: we have the pop-up version, which is pretty spectacular. #fridayreads

    Read this in high school and taught it, but man, I wish I had known/understood more of the context that first time, @vampirelladan. #fridayreads

    I keep thinking of the Peter Gabriel song, @NeedNewSpace. #fridayreads

    Colbert and a chuckle on #fridayreads for @Anj_T.

    What a great image, @anadudunk! #FridayReads "Beloved" by Toni Morrison