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Another fave cartoon. My brother had all the figurines and the Voltron castle. I still have a Voltron key somewhere, been meaning to give it back to him.


Voltron ~ loved to come home from school and watch this and now they brought it back :)

acidfree gallery : voltron : variant

Voltron by Tom Whalen Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint - 7 color screen print Paper: Neenah Antique Gray Run Size: 300 Markings: Numbered Printed by D Screenprinting – Seattle WA Produced by Acidfree Gallery

For me, there is only one Voltron.  The one with the lions.  Also, the Power Rangers are terrible.

Piloted by a team of intrepid space explorers and a princess, the Voltron Lion Force defends the planet of Arus against the hungry ambitions of King Zarkon's kingdom on Planet Doom.

Voltron - Defender of the Universe

Voltron Mania for Tabletop Gamers

Rumors have swirled about a possible live action Voltron movie for next year, but there's one piece of Voltron news that's solid. The cat-fisted giant robot is joining tabletop game Monsterpocalypse next year.

Old school voltron

Voltron: Defender of the Universe by Jeremy Roberts on Deviantart

Voltron -- this was like the best show ever. Like, none of my friends remember it, and it's kind of sad.

Voltron -- Ready to form Voltron! mega-thrusters are go! Let's go, Voltron Force! Form feet and legs; form arms and body;


Scooby Doo where are you - If I didn't take my nap when I was little, I wouldn't be allowed to watch Scooby-Doo, which was my all time favorite cartoon. I remember throwing fits over it, lol