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Clothespins with pushpins attached to the back. No more holes in the pictures on my bulletin board!

scrap booking paper on the front, glue a pushpin on the back=easy way to change out student work on a bulletin board I would use these for each student to have. scrap booking paper on the front,.

Fabric covered cork board in a painted frame - would be perfect for the study and for the spare bedroom (to hold wifi codes, etc)

Fabric covered cork board, diy home office, craft room bulletin board - brilliant attach the fabric to the corkboard with decorative tacks!

Glue thumbtacks to clothes pins so you don't put holes in artwork or photos and can easily change out the old ones on the cork board. IBD!!

Glue push pins to back of clothes pins to hang and replace children's work on school bulletins easily! Maybe use the smaller, colorful clothes pins.


Happy birthday mini bulletin board

Celebrate birthdays with the 54 pieces in this stylish and colorful set. Use the birthday badge, photo frame, and present pieces to make the day extra special. Create a bulletin board display to highl

My kiddo's are looking for random acts of kindness to fill the Grinch with love.  Whenever they see someone doing something nice for someone else, the person doing the kind deed gets to put a heart on the Grinch.

Kids look for random acts of kindness to fill the Grinch with love. When someone sees a kind deed, they get to put a heart on the Grinch. If we can fill the Grinch with hearts before Christmas, we get to have a Grinch Christmas Party!

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Clutter-Free Classroom: Storing Bulletin Board Letters {Coffee & a Clever Idea}

Use an old CD binder to store die-cut letters. And 28 more Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

I friggin' love this!!!!!! Fantastic idea, I'm thinking little cut out pictures of family, then using those free magnets off of the front of the phone books, to use for the magnets!! Hot glue gun here I come!

Take a clothes pin and paint the top a cute design. Then get a stick on magnet and cut it to fit the back of the clothes pin. This would be super cute to hang pictures in locker!

excellent (FREE) printable forms for lesson plans, guided reading, contacts, etc

Teacher Planning Binder

Easily swap out categories for shelves by using binder clips.

37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

Oh those binder clips. idea for labeling shelves, or numbering your mailboxes without ruining them with stickers/labels! These just clip right on and off!