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and season one was only for the cabbage merchant, sokka, and foamy mouth guy... but mostly the cabbage merchant...

This just became the best slide ever. THAT'S IN LOUISIANA!!!!!!!! Schweet

The Legend of Korra: winning, glad im not the only one who hates him

Legend of Korra: The Next Generation by ~xDplushie on deviantART

I had to pause the episode because I was laughing so hard. | Bolin is too perfect. | Book 3: Change | The Legend of Korra | Avatar

OMG!!! As if I didn't already LOVE him!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Patrick Stewart!!!!!!!!! - #Celebrity #Entertainmentnews #Celebnews

Legend of Korra - Little Fan :Bolin Comic: by ~lledra on deviantART// this gave me lots of feels.

Lin Beifong from "The Legend of Korra." I find myself doing this a lot. Is that weird?

Legend of Korra! BOOK 2! Cant wait! Embedded image permalink

Well arent they cute... more funny pics on facebook: