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Cannabis How can nature be a crime? Nature provides for us, anyone who wants to take nature from us is the real criminal.Asking permission from the govt .to use an herbal plant is insane! It is a gift from God!

Medical marijuana is a part of our history. Why do we allow it to be taken away?

People worry that supporting a Cannabis campaign is an admission of using Cannabis but you don't have to be a breast cancer patient to support breast cancer awareness | #CBD #healthyhemp

Cannabis the only super weed on the planet that is the competition of Big Pharma, Big Oil, Steel, Coal, Cotton and Paper. So many companies rely on its prohibition.

cannPreventive component benefits, pain suppression treatment measures and chronic healness symptoms relieves are just among the several legitimate reasons cannabis plant should demand a higher level of unbiased attention amongst lawmakers within the federal level.

Juicing raw Cannabis cures all cancers. Join our board and help save children from Chemotherapy ✌ ⓒⓙⓜ | GOOGLE #1Cure4Cancer + JOIN US

#7 The writing skill I will need for my dream job will consist of me having to wright if the marijuana is a indica sativa or a hybrid. I will also have to label the product come up with a name for it if it does not have one already.

Cannabis - the whole chronic pain and inflammation info gets my attention.

regular #Cannabis use has been linked to 46% reduction in bladder cancer